Rifeng presented upgraded products and service on 126th Canton Fair

Oct. 24, 2019
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126th Canton fair was successfully held in Guangzhou as scheduled from October 15th to 19th  2019. Same as previous years, the exhibition halls were full of crowd and there were more than two thousand enterprises from over 38 countries attended this time. The product renewal rate of most of the exhibitors has achieved over 30%. Enterprises and products participating in the design award for export products reached a new high, up to 16.38% and 20.1% respectively over last year.



Rifeng, as a famous piping brand in the industry, successfully presented our products and service on Canton Fair. Rifeng not only received recognition from Canton Fair but also showed our brand and company strength to the guests. Therefore, Rifeng got many high attentions from domestic and foreign merchants.

On this time, Rifeng exhibition booth still used the consistent white and blue theme tone with simple and clear style. In booth design, Rifeng paid more attention on highlighting the characteristics of the products, intuitively, comprehensively and multi-faceted presented different piping systems to our guests. The scene representation was adopted on the booth, which means that restoring the usage scenarios of various system with real pipelines. The excellent creativity of the exhibition booth combined visual effects with experience, attracted a lot of customers from North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions to visit and negotiate business.



During the Canton Fair, apart from the usual products of PP-R/PVC, pre-filter, Large Arc Elbow and other new types of PP-R products were displayed successfully. The Mass Flow PP-R Fittings demonstration device located at the front of the booth attracted a mount of clients come for visiting and asking. Circulatory system was used on this demonstrate device to present the significant advantages of our famous Large Arc Elbow, which are doubled in weight and size and reducing 50% of the water resistance.



Rifeng people took initiative on guest receiving and products introduction, trying to provide comprehensive system solutions to our clients. A large number of customers from all over the world have given high praise and recognition to the products and exhibition booth of Rifeng.



As an exhibitor for so many years on Canton Fair, Rifeng attached great importance to the platform of the Canton fair. Rifeng hopes to take this opportunity to present our brand and products to the guests from all over the world, also hopes to exchange ideas, cooperate and make progress with other enterprises in different fields. Rifeng group will keep moving on, keep developing our products and strength in order to promote Rifeng Products to the world. 


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